Spot Uranium Price US$69.90/lb U3O8
Daily Change $+2.12, +3.04%
Implied Yellow Cake Price* US$65.26/lb U3O8
* Implied Yellow Cake Price is calculated as the live Numerco Spot U3O8 Price x (1 - Premium/Discount) where: Premium/Discount = (live Yellow Cake share price x shares in issue excluding treasury shares x GBPUSD rate)/(holdings or proforma holdings x live Numerco Spot U3O8 Price + cash and net current assets or proforma cash and net current assets).

Price figures supplied by Numerco
The Spot Uranium Price and Implied Yellow Cake Price are provided for information purposes only. Neither Yellow Cake plc nor Numerco accepts any liability for the accuracy of these figures and they should not be relied upon for investment or any other purposes.