Our strategy

Yellow Cake buys and holds physical U3O8 to provide investors with liquid exposure to the uranium price.

  • When the Company’s shares trade above net asset value, we may seek to raise capital to invest in additional uranium. Where the shares trade at a significant discount to net asset value and we have surplus cash on hand, we may buy back shares to increase shareholders’ exposure to uranium at a discount to the commodity spot price.
  • Our key strategic advantage is our long-term Framework Agreement with Kazatomprom, the world’s largest global uranium producer, enabling us to access up to USD100 million of uranium annually from Kazatomprom at the prevailing spot price until 2027.

Business Model

Acquires U3O8, from producers and the spot market
Stores U3O8 at licenced facilities in Canada and France
Long-term framework agreement with Kazatomprom to acquire USD 100 million of U3O8 a year to 2027

Opportunities to realise value from uranium ownership

Strong corporate governance and experienced management

Low-cost outsourced business model